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ARC - Commercial Photography - Tennille Heinonen


Category: Photography
Entered By: Tennille Heinonen
Date: 2018.10.14

Description: Visiting ARC on my scout day, it was clear I had quite a bit to cover given this business offered MANY products which included Yoga, Rock Climbing & Aerial SILKS all of which have different age groups & different levels of difficulty. My focus was to make it clear that ANYONE can participate & the versatility would likely help anyone find exactly what they were looking for. I chose to shoot very Documentary Lifestyle, however some posing came into play when regarding particular yoga poses & making certain the subject stayed still in air while rock climbing. This project was predominantly shot using natural light, as are most of my projects because I believe studio lighting has a tendency to remove a viewer’s ability to picture themselves in that moment & understand the event being showcased as a very real & tangible possibility. Gear used : Nikon D800E, 28mm ? 1.8 prime


 Outsourced by the wonderful Studio123 

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