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Cinefest Sudbury Poster Series - Tony Jurgilas


Cinefest Sudbury Poster Series

Category: Print & Typography
Entered By: Tony Jurgilas
Date: 2014.08.01

Description: Following the film festival’s 25th anniversary, I needed to break the mould. Capitalizing on the strength of the new brand positioning, “The People’s Festival” it was logical to begin incorporating real people into the mix. The first poster from 2014 was featured in the 2014 SD—A and so is not shown here. The second in the series is from 2015 and depicts an avid moviegoer so immersed in cinema that her hair has turned to celluloid and her eyes have become square. The final entry in the series is from this past season’s festival. This time I wanted to dig a little deeper into our little piece of the rock by looking at what it is that defines us (Sudburians) as a people. What shapes us. And fundamentally, why we choose to call this crater home. Sure, it may be 1.8 billion years since the initial impact created the Sudbury Basin, but we’ve learned to embrace art and culture as the true bedrock of our city! And with its meteoric rise in popularity, Cinéfest provides the definitive platform to celebrate it! Along with posters, the promotional material included print, radio, television, outdoor, onsite, social, and peripheral applications.

Credits: Photographer credit for 2015 and 2016, Tennille Heinonen. SFX makeup artist for 2016, Jessi Smith.

JUROR’S Selection

"Beautiful concepts which have been brilliantly executed photographically and typographically. The integration of type and image work in harmony to exude energy, creating visually intriguing posters, each with a narrative that is emotionally captivating."

Coralie Bickford-Smith