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CSPGNO - Campagne Des Anciens - Studio123


Category: Campaign/Project
Entered By: Studio123
Date: 2018.06.01

Description: The Conseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l’Ontario (CSPGNO) is Northern Ontario’s largest French Public School Board with 11 public elementary schools and 8 public secondary schools. Every year, the CSPGNO embarks on a significant marketing campaign to attract new students. The competing French Catholic, English Catholic and English Public School Boards in Ontario, do the same. In order to help the CSPGNO stand out from the crowd, Studio123 developed an inspired campaign to get parents excited about enrolling their children in a CSPGNO school. What better way to demonstrate CSPGNO’s values and strengths than to feature alumni who have gone on to achieve their dreams? A handful of noteworthy alumni such as renowned actors, Juno and Gemini Award winners, criminal prosecutors, Harvard graduates, famous directors and more, told their story in an inspiring, bite-sized way. A bright and colourful palette ensured this campaign stood out from competing campaigns in a fresh, energetic way that would resonate with today’s young parents and youth. The campaign tied back into CSPGNO’s tagline, Because I Dream Big. This bilingual campaign had many facets including video for social media and television, print ads in newspapers, online animated banner ads and more. The campaign made such an impact for the CSPGNO that the campaign will continue to grow and evolve next school year.      

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