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Greater Sudbury Museums - Design de Plume


Greater Sudbury Museums

Category: Identity & Branding
Entered By: Design de Plume
Date: 2016.03.31

Description: Greater Sudbury's community is a wonderful patchwork that combines cultural aspects from the nearby settlements in this area. The Greater Sudbury Museum's re-branding was based on this idea as well as their motto "cultural mosaic" to highlight each settlement's history as it comes together to form the Greater City of Sudbury. The main logo is made up of five major mosaic tiles representing the museums part of GSM. There is also reference in the mian logo to a pathway that connects each mosaic piece as you move from museum to museum. Each museum has it's own unique logo apart form the main branding which includes a mosaic of their own colour and a shape that best suits the local area's history.

Credits: Melissa Deschenes RGD - Project lead & Designer. Meggan Van Harten RGD - Designer. Jennifer Taback RGD - Designer. Luc Chrétien - Junior Designer.