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  • Identity & Branding: Logos, identity systems, stationery, branding campaigns, etc.

  • Print & Typography: Posters, brochures, collateral, editorial, book design, lettering, type design, etc.

  • Packaging & 3D: Product packaging, shopping bags, etc.

  • Website & Interactive: Web sites, interactive advertising, applications, games, experimental, etc.

  • Environmental & Wayfinding: Exterior signage, interior signage, trade show display, point-of-purchase, outdoor graphics, etc.

  • Motion Graphics & Animation: Broadcast graphics, credit sequences, short film, animation, etc.

  • Architectural & Interior: Architectural proposals, Industrial design, completed structures, interior design, etc.

  • Photography: Advertising, editorial, corporate, unpublished / non-commercial, etc.

  • Apparel & Fashion: T-shirt graphics, fashion design, other wearables, etc.

  • Self Promotions: Print, web, etc.

  • Illustration: Editorial, promotional, book, unpublished / non-commercial, etc.

  • Campaign/Project: Any advertising campaign or design project covering at least three of the above categories.

  • UX Design: Electronic products, digital applications, apps, software-based solutions, services, physical and virtual spaces containing electronic functions or digital touch-points.

  • Miscellaneous: Any visual work that falls outside of the above categories.

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