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NOVA - Artificial Films Inc.


Category: Motion Graphics & Animation
Entered By: Artificial Films Inc.
Date: 2018.09.13

Description: A teenager unwillingly deletes her best friend in this bittersweet story set in a world where augmented reality has gamified existence. 

Her first taste of independence is thwarted when an in-app purchase is refused. The reason? Her first basic income payment has been withheld. Alone in the woods, she is forced to launch Nova, her personalized AI tutor. Nova seizes the opportunity to get her human to finally complete the last module of the education app. 

In a world where augmented reality has enabled the gamification of everyday things and automation has replaced the need for human labour, every citizen must now complete this education app, an effort to curb the misinformation crisis of the twenty-first century. So why has this teenager put it off for so long? And what are Nova’s true motives… can she be trusted?

This video uses a speculative narrative framework overlaid onto documentary footage to ponder money, relationships and critical thinking in the Information Age as automation accelerates on.


Andréanne Germain : Video Editor, Motion Graphics, Colourist, Writer, Director.
France Huot : Voice Actor.
Matthew Wiewel : Narration Recordist.
James Goddard : Project Coordinator.
Svetla Turnin and Ezra Winton : Executive Producers.

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