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Paintpass - Studio123


Category: Campaign/Project
Entered By: Studio123
Date: 2017.01.01

Description: PaintPass is stirring up the paint industry by pulling the traditional sales model into the digital world through an e-commerce platform that empowers retailers. Studio123 gave PaintPass its name and designed a brand that depicts paint energetically splashing upwards from a paint can and transforming into pixels. The logo represents the transformation that PaintPass aims to bring to the industry as an innovative bridge between brick and mortar stores and e-commerce. Studio123 also contributed to PaintPass’ digital presence by building its foundational piece: the company website. Studio123 implemented custom svg animations throughout the site to lead the user down the page and keep them engaged. SVG animation allowed the illustrations to feel alive, but also retain top quality on retina and other high pixel density devices. The website is built for speed, with a focus on load-time, which was another contributing factor for implementing SVG graphics.    

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 10.24.19 PM.png