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Polis Inc. - Studio123


Category: Website & Interactive
Entered By: Studio123
Date: 2018.07.01

Description: Based in Boston, Polis is a modern canvassing app that uses data on more than 197 million Americans, to help its partners connect with potential customers and supporters. Studio123 worked with Polis to develop their brand direction in conjunction with designing and developing a new website for the start-up. A key goal of the project was to create an illustrative style that embodies the modernity of the Polis app. The illustration system Studio123 designed respects the established Polis visual identity, is colourful, unified, and most importantly, approachable. Another key goal was to ensure the website conveyed feelings of trust, empowerment, and ultimately ease of use; features that are crucial to the success of the Polis app. Studio123 continues to work with the Polis team remotely to refine and improve the site, as the goals of the company quickly evolve and transform.  

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