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Rainbow Routes Trail Wayfinding Design System - Fuel Media

Rainbow Routes Trail Wayfinding Design System

Category: Environmental & Wayfinding
Entered By: Fuel Media
Date: 2018.05.01


Problem: Rainbow Routes Association is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization and registered charity. RRA came to us looking for some clarity and organization of their brand and their trail signage system to better promote accessible infrastructure development of non-motorized routes and trails.  Solution: Our team completed a full brand audit for Rainbow Routes. We streamlined RRA’s fonts, colours, iconography and developed a drag-and drop wayfinding design system that their team can use to replace existing signage and empower them when trailblazing new Sudbury terrain.  We created a wayfinding system that helps people find their way from one place to another.   It encompasses orienting yourself in space, determining a route to your destination, reassuring you that you are going the right way and confirming that you have arrived. Many elements contribute to city wayfinding, from landmarks to maps to hand-held GPS systems, to asking for directions from a friendly stranger. Good wayfinding is a blend of art and science. It’s built upon principles of accessibility, predictability, consistency, accuracy and legibility. It requires assisting people to create their own mental maps of their environment.  The addition of a wayfinding system adds clarity to our physical environment. When executed well, wayfinding systems give pedestrians the confidence to navigate without fear while encouraging curiosity and exploration. They have the feeling of arriving at their destination without any sense of anxiety, and feeling more informed about the journey.  A full wayfinding manual was designed which showcases the modularity of the system and how it can adapt to any trail.


Gaëtan Godin, Deb Sauve

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