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Stack Brewery - Studio123


Category: Website & Interactive 
Entered By: Studio123
Date: 2017.03.01

Description: Stack Brewing creates nationally-awarded, craft beer in Sudbury, Ontario. Studio123 has been there every step of the way with Stack, from branding their company, to creating a united series of packaging and beer labels featuring iconic Northern inspired illustrations. We gave Stack the gentle nudge to help them take their business up a notch with the implementation of e-commerce on a new WordPress website. The online store features many of Stack’s brews and allows shipping to anywhere in Ontario. The simple back-end allows the Stack team to manage new orders and products in a streamlined way. Another great functionality of the website allows users to see what’s in stock at the Stack retail shoppe. We built a back-end interface to allow website administrators to select which beers were in stock and if they’re available in tap refills, or cans and bottles. The website automatically notes when the WordPress back-end was saved, so users know exactly when the stock has been updated. The new website has been a catalyst for growth by allowing Stack beer to be made available provincially, and also by infusing the brand essence into the microbrewery’s online presence.  

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