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Good Design Award 2015

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Good Design Award 2015

Chrisanne Daniel

SUDBURY, ON - The SDS Good Design Award honours annual achievements and/or commitment to the practice of professional design excellence in a regional context. The award champions the ideals of a design process that contributes to client success and embodies excellence, endurance, and strong identity.

This year, the award was presented to Shawn Mailloux on behalf of Stack Brewing and and to Yoshiko Kurogi on behalf of Café Petit Gâteau. 

Meggan Michaud, the President of the Sudbury Design Society (SDS), gave a speech at the June 4th event applauding the recipients for their individual investment and successes. “Shawn and his team made a wise move when they decided to hire graphic designer Andrew Knapp to brand their company,” commended Michaud, “By featuring Sudbury's iconic super-stack in the logo, the product will forever connect with our local community.” Since its inception, Stack has continued to work with various local designers and design agencies such as Andrew Knapp, Sean Grant, and Studio 123. As for Petit Gâteau, Michaud had this to say: “Yoshi and Derek, owners of the French-inspired shop, realized immediately the importance and benefit of brand recognition. The customized lettering for Cafe Petit Gateau perfectly compliments the Scandinavian interior of the establishment, and is demonstrative of the impeccable quality of their product.” Kurogi then forwarded praise to Matthew Schultze of Vision Build Carpentry & Contracting (  for his talented work on her shop interior. 

The SDS plans to continue events and awards like this in the future, continuing to encourage and recognize businesses that build up the Sudbury community with their elevated standard of products and services.