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The First Nations Community Economic Development Guide for Ontario - Design de Plume


Category: Print & Typography
Entered By: Design de Plume
Date: 2016.03.0

Description: The First Nations Community Economic Development Guide for Ontario was designed for the Ontario government. This book was developed to assist First Nations Communities with economic development. The book had to be AODA accessible so type size, colour contrast and appropriate icons were carefully considered for this book. The illustrations throughout the book were developed to be culturally appropriate and also have a geometric look. Custom illustrations were also used to highlight new sections of the book for hierarchical purposes.


Project Lead: Jennifer Taback RGD
Lead Designer: Meggan Van Harten RGD
Designer: James Mathieu Chambers prov. RGD

La Description: Le Guide de développement économique communautaire des Premières Nations en Ontario a été conçu pour le gouvernement provinciale. Ce livre a été développé pour assister les communautés des Premières Nations en développement économique. Le livre se conforme avec LAPHO (La Loi sur l’accessibilité pour les personnes handicapées de l’Ontario ). Par conséquent, la taille du texte, le contraste des couleurs et les icônes ont été soigneusement considérés pour ce livre. Les illustrations de ce livre ont été conçues pour être culturellement appropriées avec une apparence géométrique. Des illustrations personnalisées ont été utilisées à des fins de mettre en évidence de nouvelles sections du livre.

Jurors Selection

“The entry excelled for a few reasons. First is how it worked within a government agency’s design standards and still found a way to create an elegant and contextually relevant graphic approach that both works with the government’s design system while creating a unique and beautiful piece. The entry is also great in how its illustration style feels at once both specific to the subject matter and place while also establishing a strong, unique, and memorable voice of its own. There is a refinement and subtlety in the work that creates a mature, thoughtful, and graceful voice for the subject matter.”


Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 10.01.38 PM.png
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