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Focus on Makers Wolf & Pine - Yellow House

Focus on Makers | Wolf & Pine

Category: Photography
Entered By: Yellow House
Date: 2018.07.20


There is a wealth of talented makers in Northern Ontario struggling to reach their creative business goals all the while wearing the many hats that come with being an entrepreneur. From creating the actual products to social media managing, bookkeeping and more it can seem like the list is never ending. My goal with the ‘Focus on Makers’ sessions is to reduce the workload and provide makers with professional photography at a fair rate that supports their passion, represents their vibe and helps generate engaging content resulting in stronger brand loyalty. Wolf & Pine were provided with a collection of work that showcased behind the scenes moments, product photography as well as styled lifestyle imagery to help promote their brand of premium herbal beauty care products. The images reflect their bohemian, laid back style and minimal aesthetic to blend seamlessly into their current online presence. Behind the filtered perfection of social media, we are all real people, with real stories and I believe it’s important to share makers stories with their supporters so they get to know who they are in a real and genuine way that also remains true to their brand voice and style. There are many creatives who have a story to tell about who they are, how they got where they are and how they do their part to add to the culture of Northern Ontario. My goal is help tell that story beautifully.


Tracy Baker, photographer Yellow House

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